Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I was gonna tell you a story, but something does not compute in my brain. I feel like I'm going to say more than I want to. I'll be back with the story to this picture when my mind is clear. 

But, the best thing about this collage is the picture in the middle. I remember getting to my apartment, when I finally got my charger, and looking at this picture... and feeling like I ate cement. It's uncomfortably sad... Adam's face is the best. He's doing that all too familiar manly-hold-back-your-emotions look, even though Adam is not one to be emotionally stunted. My mom has that proud sentimentality that you get at graduations and weddings, Lily looks like she's constipated but depressed in that Goth-y way, and those people behind them totally ruin the moment. I wish someone had taken a photo of my face on the plane, first after realizing I left my laptop charger at home and second after the plane took off and I was crying, as well as being laughed at by the British couple across the aisle. A-holes. 

Friday, July 8, 2011


This first one is of the Madrid airport. I had a connecting flight in London for two hours, but it was really gloomy and cloudy during landing. Therefore, I didn't get to see much of the city from the plane. The airport was bland too, and the vibe was very abrasive. But, Barajas airport in Madrid is extremely vibrant. It is orange and yellow with a high futuristic touch, cafe bars everywhere, and with everyone drunk, a really friendly vibe. The last two days in Europe, I actually slept for two days straight on the arrivals floor and had lovely conversations with an older man who talked to me about how much he hates the Spain economy, which is funny cause the week after I left there were protests in Madrid (20% unemployment rate, yikes!). It was very uncomfortable sleeping on those black, hard chairs. I tied one of my bags to my foot and slept on the other one. Yeah, very fun, counting that I was on my own just having had to pay for an overpriced, shady flight on EasyJet from Amsterdam to Madrid in order not to miss my flight and thus cutting out Belgium and France from my itinerary. That really bummed  me out, but the most frustrating part is how incompetent the train workers in Amsterdam are. Yeah, I have a lot of stories of anger and frustration and pure creepiness. Eeeeek.

Now this one is from my walks in Salamanca. I lived there for three months, so I figure I really should know every detail of the city. I usually do not do black and white photography, because I'm usually a colorful person, but I'm not anymore. I'm not dark, I'm just really, really colorless...now. You can view the full extent of these images by clicking right HERE.

Also, I'm crazy obsessed with European doors. It's ridiculous how old everything is in that continent. Geeze, especially Italy... that place is going to fall in on itself. The doors have never been upgraded so they have a cool deteriorated look. I have more pictures of doors than of people, I'm really antisocial. 

Salamanca is a golden city. It is golden...EVERYWHERE! My apartment building was golden, it's a cohesive look. But, the reason why I was obsessed with doors is because that's what makes the city look so different. 

As far as people go, I met A LOT of people. Everyone being in the same program and living with three other people (technically five), it kind of forces you to be social. I met that collective amount traveling through the continent as I did in Salamanca. But, in the Salamanca community, there was much gratuitous drama...booo. The surprising thing is, a lot of these people are definitely staying in my life for good. Especially Maira, she is geographically close and an incredibly cool musician. <3

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Couldn't keep the camera straight, or from blurring. Balls.